Hans-Werner Klein

Key to a Life’s Work

Hans Zitko’s book “Abysses of Geometry – Michael Post and the Limits of Aesthetic Form”

It is not absolutely necessary to explain Michael Post’s plastic art. But recognizing the philosophical and artistic foundation on which his creative world is based opens the door for the reader to the expanded perception of an aesthetic process in its creative richness, including the presence of humor.

This monograph describes the impressive life’s work of Michael Post. The author, Dr. Hans Zitko, was a professor of perception theory at the Hochschule für Gestaltung in Offenbach.  He has known the artist and his objects for many years. In a captivating way, Post’s thinking and work is analyzed and presented in 220 pages. The richly illustrated study illustrates the background of his oevre and in this way enriches the viewer’s perception.


Michael Post’s objects play with the element of surprise and ambiguity. They incorporate the intuitive aspect of the viewer into their concept. With this book, published in German and English, Hans Zitko offers a profound analysis from an art-historical and perceptual-theoretical perspective. On the basis of deep connoisseurship, the author unfolds Post’s work and draws an accurate portrait of the person and the artist’s thinking in the course of his work from the 70s of the last century to the present day.

“Abysses of Geometry” is much more than an art catalog: It is a key.