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Auszug aus der Eröffnungsrede des Kurators Michael Post.

embodying colour V

Juli 14th trough September 22nd 2019
Soest, Museum Wilhelm Morgner, Raum Schroth

The successful exhibition series embodying colour is curated by the artists Michael Post and Heiner Thiel. It started in Wiesbaden in 2013. This was followed by exhibitions in the showroom of Edition multiple-art in Zurich, 2014 and in 2015 at the Vasarely Museum in Budapest, as well as at Haus Metternich in Koblenz. This year embodying colour V will be realized in the Museum Wilhelm Morgner with RAUM SCHROTH in Soest.

Works by 23 invited international artists from 9 countries in Europe and the USA will be exhibited. In close cooperation with the Stiftung Konzeptuelle Kunst, the presentation of these works will be shown in the RAUM SCHROTH and in the other rooms of the museum.

The exhibits are representative of a generation-spanning and constantly reformulated phenomenon of our perception, in view of bodies appearing in colour in art. References to cross-cultural and historical references can be found in the concrete art of Europe as well as in American Minimalism.

The current works position themselves, so to speak, in an almost magical certainty of paradoxical manifestations that lie somewhere between two-dimensional and three-dimensional order in aesthetic space.

Post and Thiel have come to know and appreciate their fellow artists* and their works in the context of many travels and exhibitions in Europe and the USA. They have made their choice in order to make visible both agreements of a similar way of thinking and artistic inventions based on highly individual working methods. An extensive publication accompanying the exhibition documents these journeys since 2003 and the encounters with colleagues*in the most diverse landscapes, cities and studios. In a narrative text, accompanied by a number of photographs, the exhibition presents above all atmospheric encounters, episodes and life circumstances.

An extensive accompanying programme with guided tours is offered. Further information on events during the exhibition can be found on the website

NEU: embodying colour V

With a foreword by art historian Juliane Rogge MA and an introduction by Prof. Dr. Matthias Bleyl.

Publication on the exhibition series embodying colour and its creation with memories and travel impressions by Michael Post and Heiner Thiel. In entertainingly written texts, Michael Post describes the common experiences of journeys to the artists of the embodying-colour circle and impressions from various countries in Europe and the USA. Impressive photos by Heiner Thiel complement the very personal style of this book.

Hardcover book, 108 pages, 27 x 21,4 cm
Publisher: Michael Post, Heiner Thiel – Edition PT, July 2019
Language: German
ISBN 978-3-00-063161-0
Price: 25,- € incl. shipping and 19% VAT.

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